Optimization Algorithm Specialist


  • Develop algorithms to optimize complex business problems in areas such as logistics, supply chain management, resource management, schedule management, etc.
  • Develop mathematical models and algorithms based on business requirements and constraints
  • Implement algorithms using appropriate programming languages and tools, and collaborate with other developers for integrated solutions
  • Solve business problems by implementing algorithms such as linear programming, integer programming, metaheuristic, and convex optimization
  • Improve algorithms by continuously monitoring and evaluating their performances
  • Research, collaborate, and apply cutting-edge technologies


  • Proficiency in computer languages for optimization algorithms such as Python, R, Julia, Rust, C/C++, etc.
  • High level of understanding in relevant libraries such as SciPy, PuLP, Pyomo, OptimLib, IpSolve, DEoptim, JuMP, Gurobi, CPLEX, and others
  • BS degree or higher in relevant fields such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Industrial Engineering

Preferred Qualifications

  • MS or Ph.D degree in a relevant field or a minimum of 3 years of related work experience
  • Experience in version control systems and collaboration tools such as Confluence, Notion, Jira, Git, etc.
  • Experience in batch schedulers such as Airflow, Azkaban, etc.


  • Email your resume to careers@vivity.ai
  • Use the following email title format: [Application] (REC-year-num) Your_Name
  • Example: [Application] (REC-2023-08) John_Wick.
  • Make sure that your application code (REC-year-num) is correct.
  • Attach your resume in PDF format.
  • Feel free to include any necessary information in your resume. However, be concise and to the point.

Key Dates

  • Application (접수): 2023/07/17 ~ 2023/07/28
  • Screening (서류심사): ~ 07/31
  • Online interview (온라인인터뷰): 07/31 ~ 08/04
  • Onsite interview (현장면접): 08/07 ~ 08/18
  • Decision (결과): ~ 08/25

Contact: careers@vivity.ai

Posted: 2023-07-17
Code: REC-2023-11