Frontend Developer

Data Visualization & UI


  • Develop and manage the web UI of Vivity AI’s core products
  • Develop and deploy data visualization for our clients’ ERP or MES
  • Develop and maintain various Vivity AI websites
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to design and implement software solutions for science problem


  • Hands-on experience in React, Vue.js, JQuery and other similar UI framework
  • Experience in HTML / CSS / AJAX
  • Understanding in inner work of web application
  • Experience in UX/resource management tools such as Adobe, Figma, or InVision
  • Experience in visualization framework such as chart.js and d3.js
  • (Optional) In-depth understanding in data visualization and information visualization
  • (Optional) Understanding in mathematical and statistical techniques
  • (Optional) Responsive web or native app development experience


Posted: 2022-10-12
Code: REC-2022-05