Backend Developer

Data Engineering


  • Develop and manage our backend system for data and machine learning products
  • Develop, deploy and manage database and related systems based on our customers’ requirements
  • Develop application servers for data visualization
  • Deploy and manage cloud-based system, especially AWS EC2 and S3
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to design and implement software solutions for science problem


  • Hands-on experience in Java and Javascript server frameworks
  • Experience in developing and managing API gateways
  • Experience in server and database architecture
  • Deep understanding in node.js, Spring frameworks, and other related frameworks
  • Understanding in Cloud-based SaaS and server systems
  • Understanding in container and orchestration technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • (Optional) Hand-on experience in developing and managing DataOps and MLOps pipeline


Posted: 2022-10-04
Code: REC-2022-04