Computer Vision Engineer


  • Develop new computer vision and machine learning algorithms and deployable systems to reduce cost and maximize quality, performance and safety of large-scale manufacturing systems
  • Build computer vision and image processing piplelines and optimize the system performance using computation acceleration techqniques
  • Deply developed software in the form of on-premise, cloud or embedded systems
  • Independently and effectively engage with external technical stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand and solve critical business problems through the application of cutting-edge artificial intelligence
  • Collaborate with engineering teams to design and implement software solutions for science problem
  • Contribute to generat intellectual properties (patents, research papers)


  • BS degree in CS, EE, ME, Math, Statistics, Physic, or related engineering major
  • Research or/and industry experience in applying computer vision and machine learning to complex industrial problems
  • Hands-on experience in programming in Python, Matlab, R, Java, C++, or other libraries such as Tensorflow, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, Scipy, Pandas, Matplitlib, etc.
  • Research experience (optional): Track record of publications in CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, NeurIPS, AAAI, etc.


Posted: 2022-10-03
Code: REC-2022-02